Darah, my almost 4-year-old daughter, was recently well into another summer day at home when she announced, “I’m bored!”

Oh really? I see. Hmm…well, Pinterest told me to get out a baking pan, some vinegar, food coloring and a butt load of baking soda. Let’s see what happens when we put it all together.


Step 1: Layout all ingredients. I added just one drop of food coloring into the small bowls of vinegar.

The next time we do it, I’ll add two to give the colors more pop. Be sure not to forget the smock or bib for your little artist, as well as a small stuffed tiger. Ok, you don’t actually need the tiger, but it does add something rather exotic, I think.

Step -2:

Show your child how to use a dropper to collect the vinegar they want to use.

Watch the vinegar color the baking soda and produce a fun fizz.

Step – 3:

Step – 4:

Relish the moment where your child thinks you just made some magic.

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