With bees on the decline, we all want to do our part to help preserve this vital pollinator. If you would like to you can create a space in your garden to help bees thrive you may enjoy starting your very own bee garden.

Learn how to make a bee friendly garden by following these simple steps and adding a few bee friendly plants and flowers to your garden.


Bees don’t need much to survive. In fact they really need the same things we need and that includes a home, water, sun and food.


Add a bug house to your bee garden. Many of the bees that will visit your garden do not have a hive to go home to. They build a nest in small holes inside wood.


Plan a water source for your bees. A small shallow dish filled with stones can be filled with water leaving the top of the stones dry for bees to land on and drink to give them a safe water source inside your bee garden.


Wildflowers are a bees favorite. You can choose from a wide variety of wildflowers or choose a mix of them.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a great one to add to your garden. Bee balm is a great herb that earned its name because this lemon balm is a great attracted to bees.


Coneflower is a great flower for your bee garden. When the bees land on it to feast they look like they are wearing little fairly skirts and are sure to spark your imagination.

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