Before technology was a thing, we did most things manually. From paying bills to purchasing items at the grocery store, we would have to reach into our wallets.

These days, we seldom use cash to do transactions. We also seldomly frequent the bank. In malls and grocery stores, credit cards are widely accepted.

The catch with modern technology is that if your friends have a different bank or if either one of you want to directly use your bank in making a transaction between the two of you or more it can be a bit tricky.


PayPal gives you the ability to send money to and from any bank account whether it’s U.S. based or not.


Zelle gives you the option to pay or send money to friends and family by pulling the funds directly from your bank account.


It’s built to send money to friends. Although Venmo is basically the same as other payment apps, it’s built with a social aspect in mind.


It allows you to send and receive money from friends and family who also use Cash App. It links directly to your debit card or credit card as your source of funding for the app.

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