If you are new to essential oils I want to encourage you to give these Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes a try the next time you want to add something to the air to improve the smell of your home.

There are so many ways that I have learned to use my essential oils, but diffusing is probably my favorite. Here are a few of my favorite springtime Diffuser Recipes for you!


You will want to read the directions for your specific essential oil diffuser before using any of these essential oil diffuser recipes, but they are all pretty much the same, so it’s super easy to do!

Fill Diffuser

Basically you will add some water to your essential oil diffuser until it reaches the fill line.

Add Oils

Add your choice of essential oils to your water and you are ready to start diffusing and adding that wonderful smell into your home.

Start Diffuser

Replace the lid and press the button to turn on your essential oil diffuser and enjoy that wonderful mist.

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