As summer approaches and school gets out for the summer, many people will begin planning family vacations!

Whether your vacation is a road trip itself, or there are a few hours or more drive to your destination, here are a few ways to make the most of an extended drive with your family.

Have a Plan

Whether you have an elaborate trip on the road planned or just a few hours drive to your vacation destination, having an on-the-road plan is a great way to enjoy the journey.

Road Entertainment

If you are on a long trip, plan games and entertainment that will encourage your children to look out the windows at the world passing around them.

Organization Is Key

Keep an organized “on the road bag” within arms reached packed with electronics, snacks, and any infant items you may need.

Make Occasional Stops

Instead of driving through for food and eating on the road, find a park to picnic at to give your children a chance to burn some energy.

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