Grow More by Setting Gardening Goals

Have you ever stopped to think about your vegetable gardening goals?

If you are like many gardeners, you may find your main motivation is simply to get outside and reconnect with nature by digging in the dirt.


Without question, growing a vegetable garden is a very relaxing way to accomplish these goals.

Even if you just want to grow enough so your family can enjoy fresh produce during the warmer months, you’ll still need to figure out what you want to grow and how to make it work within your personal space and time constraints.


Take stock of your personal resources before you get started. In most cases, the amount your garden can produce will be defined by the number of resources you can devote to it.

Defining the number of resources you have available upfront will allow you to set more achievable vegetable gardening goals.


Taking stock of your current situation can help you find creative solutions to potential challenges. If you are short on growing space, maybe you can take advantage of unused vertical space along a sunny wall.