Think back on a time when you were with a person that was experiencing pure joy. Kids are wonderful not only being completely happy but also sharing and expressing that exuberant joy.

If you’re around a small child that’s laughing, giggling, and having a grand time, you can’t help but smile along.

Their happiness is making us happier because it is contagious – sort of like a yawn. Since happiness can spread from person to person, we can use it to share our joy and excitement.

Use it to make a difference in how happy you feel on any given day and don’t be afraid to spread it around.

Soak Up The Happy

Surround yourself with positive people who are good at sharing the joy. find your own personal cheerleaders that you can call on when you need a little boost.

Spread Happiness Around

If you are out there intentionally sharing your joy and excitement with those around you, you’ll create positive energy that is contagious

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