This Instant Pot Cheeseburger Soup Recipe is so easy to make and tastes great too, along with some crackers or homemade buttermilk biscuits!

- Ground beef - Onion - Garlic - Russet potatoes - Carrots - Celery


- Chicken broth - Salt - Pepper - Parsley - Basil - Garlic powder

STEP 1: Place the ground beef, garlic and diced onion in the instant pot and turn on the saute function. Cook the meat through and drain off the grease and add back into the pot.

STEP 2: Add the cubed potatoes, carrots and celery.

STEP 3: Add the salt, pepper, parsley, basil and garlic powder.

STEP 4: Pour the chicken broth over the top and give the mixture a stir.

STEP 5: Place the lid on the instant pot and seal shut.

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