Scrunchies are no longer a thing of the past, they have been brought back from where they were banished in the fashion vaults and are being worn in the hair and on the wrist by young people everywhere.

Making your own DIY No-Sew Upcycled T-Shirt Scrunchie is a great way to use up materials you already have on hand, save some money, and make your scrunchies unique.


– Old t-shirts – Elastic – Hot glue gun – Glue sticks – Scissors – Measuring tape

Cut your t-shirts into 18”x 4.5” strips. With solid t-shirts it won’t really matter, but if you have a print one you are using fold your strips “wrong side” together lengthwise.

Fold back a few inches and run a generous bead of hot glue down the edge of one side, press the other side into it using a craft stick.

Poke a skewer or safety pin through your elastic and slide it through the fabric tube to the other end.

Overlap one end of the fabric over the other and fold in ¼” to give it a clean even seam.

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