The summer travel season is finally in full swing. While gas prices remain high, many major retailers are taking steps to cut costs for disgruntled drivers.

Wal-Mart is leading the charge, reducing its fuel prices by 10 cents per gallon for the summer months. Many other stores have followed suit with their own deals.


The easiest way to save on gas is to just stay at home. Most shopping needs, including groceries, can be satisfied online which keeps you from burning gas outside in the blazing heat.


If public transport isn’t an option, you can always dust off the old bicycle. It costs next to nothing to maintain and it’ll get your blood pumping better than a cup of coffee in the morning.


If you’re trying to track one down, websites like are useful resources for both drivers and riders.


Instead of waiting to hit the pump until you’re down to the last drop, plan your purchase in advance. Websites like will help you find the lowest local gas prices.

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