How To Create A Daily Action Plan!

Beginning today I am writing down a plan of action that I will work from each morning that will include a few key things that I believe will make me more successful all around at life.

Before you sit down to make a Daily Action Plan of your own, please remember that your plan does not have to look like mine does. It should be custom to your life, abilities, and circumstances.


What do you need each morning spiritually to get through the day? Write it down.


Who do you need to connect with on a deeper level? Maybe call a friend, schedule a lunch date, send an encouraging note? Make a point to set aside time to connect with another person every single day! Write it down.


What do you need to do to take care of yourself? Exercise, take a morning walk, take a bath, or read a book? We all need to do those little things just for ourselves that we often set aside because we are so busy caring for others.

Office Work

Are there bills that need to be looked at, calendars that need to be updated, grocery lists written out, school matters that need attention? Write it down.