Tea is an amazing thing. From its powerful medicinal properties to a healthy beverage when you need something more interesting than a simple glass of water.


Mint is an easy to grow herbs that makes a great calming tea. Mint can also be added to some of your other favorite teas for a dash of flavor.


Lavender is such a useful flower. This flower makes a great calming tea perfect for helping you relax before bed.


If you like to drink tea to wind down from a long hard day, you will love growing chamomile. This calming tea is perfect year round to calm and soothe.


Lemon balm is a beautiful delicate herb in the mint family. It has a light lemon taste to it. This beautiful herb also attracts bees and butterflies to your garden.


While rosemary may not come to mind imminently when you think of tea it makes a wonderful tea with a distinct herbal flavor.

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