Homemade Sleep Salve

Homemade Sleep Salve

This Homemade Sleep Salve is a super easy natural sleep aid recipe that works fast and has an added ingredients that supports a healthy immune system too!

coconut oil olive oil grated beeswax Lavender Essential Oil and Thieves Essential Oil

What you'll need:


Place the coconut oil, olive oil, and grated beeswax in a metal or glass bowl, and heat over a double boiler.


Once everything has melted, give it a stir to make sure everything is mixed together well, and then remove from heat.


Once your mix has slightly cooled add in about 50 drops of Lavender and 50 drops of Thieves essential oils and mix.

Carefully ladle the warm sleep salve into clean metal jars, let cool until room temperature. Add a custom printable sleep salve label to the top of your tin and your sleep slave is ready to use!


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