Meijer Announces The End Of Double Coupons!

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BREAKING NEWS: Meijer no longer doubling coupons effective 3/30/13

It is a sad, sad day in the couponing world as we are watching more and more stores making the decision to change their coupon policies.

This morning I saw this picture float across my Facebook wall that clearly states that Meijer will stop doubling coupons on 3/3o/13.

From their Facebook Page:

“…We are eliminating double coupons in our Battle Creek, Lansing, Ft. Wayne and South Bend Markets. As a course of business, we will continue to evaluate other markets to determine the appropriate coupon strategy for that specific market based on our opportunity to reinvest in low prices across all of our items. Double coupons only affect a certain percentage of items. We believe that investing in lower prices across the store is more of a benefit to our customers. We will still accept coupons at face value, and are still offering great savings with everyday low prices, weekly specials and mPerks digital coupons.

It appears that the reports are wide spread and this is happening at several Michigan stores. Of course I warned last month that this could be the new trend when Kroger announced the end of double coupons just last month.

While I realize this is bad news for those of us who live on a very strict grocery budget, it will not be the end of the world! In fact we are a tough group, and we will find new creative ways to stretch out budgets.

There are many areas across the nation that have not had the ability to take advantage of double coupons for a long time and they’ve had to come up with new ways to save.  I am already working on a new series that will address Easy Ways to Save Without Couponing that was scheduled to begin next month, however I may have to move the series up to start sooner now that so many of us will need to learn new way to save fast.

So what does this mean to all of us Money Savers here at Saving Dollars and Sense?

Well hopefully it will mean we will get smarter about how to spend and save our money in new ways!  I am the kind of person that doesn’t like to put all my eggs in one basket ;)

  1. Menu Planning still is my #1 money saving tip for grocery shopping!
  2. Drugstores still offer really great customer incentive programs that you can use to save on just about anything and I’ll continue to share the drugstore deals with you!
  3. Shopping online is many times a better deal for me than in the stores and I feel very VIP when I can have my stuff delivered to me ;)

I certainly hope that other grocery retailers do not decide to follow this new trend.  I know that so many of us have learned how to use double coupons properly as a way to save on our grocery budgets and it saddens me that those who weren’t being ethical with coupons have hurt those of us who have followed the rules all along.

You might like to read Extreme Couponing Integrity.

But I’m afraid to say I saw this coming back when Extreme Couponing started to blatantly show coupon fraud to everyone who watched. Then new couponers wanted to go out and do the same thing they saw on the show. In fact I had plenty to say on the matter after I watched the very first show.

I am not too worried about this sad news because I know that all it means is I will need to find new creative ways to stretch our finances and I plan to share everything I find with you here a Saving Dollars and Sense just as I always have!

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  Are you seeing this sign in your store?

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  1. We only have 1 store that doubles coupons and they limit it to 3 coupons doubled for each 10$ spent.I save money by making most of the stuff we need from scratch. We don’t have a newspaper with coupons in our area.I used to go to the next county(30 miles) to get the paper on Sunday until I realized we can live without a lot of the things I had been buying.We switched back to using bar soap which works just as good as shower gel and I began making my own laundry detergent,mixes of all kinds and cooking from scratch.The coupons I do use come from the computer.We also buy in bulk and put a whole pig in the freezer every year which we buy from kid’s that raise them for the FFA.

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