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Good Report Card Freebies 2016

Now that the end of the school year is approaching I thought this would be a good time to reshare the current list of Good Report Card Freebies for kids who bring home good report cards!  This way you can use them as incentives to motivate your kids to finish the year odd strong!

Chuck E. Cheese – Chuck E. Cheese believes in the value of a good education. Choose from the Super Student Award or Graduation Certificate and receive FREE tokens for being a good student.

Krispy Kreme – Get a free original glazed donut for each A (up to 6 A’s).

Chick-fil-A – Bring in your all A’s and B’s report card and receive a FREE 8 pack nuggets! Call ahead to your location to see if they are participating

Pizza Hut – Each marking period, any child who has 3 A’s or the equivalent thereof, will receive one Personal Pan Pizza and a small soft drink or carton of milk by presenting his or her report card to the manager. This offer is good for Elementary and Middle School students. Dine-in only. Student must be present and the original report card must be presented. Available at participating locations.

McDonalds – If your child has a straight “A” report card, he/she can receive a FREE Happy Meal. This may vary by location so call ahead first!

Family Video – Throughout the month of June, Family Video gives a FREE overnight movie or game rental to
students for every ‘A’ they receive on their final report card in any core subjects designed to ensure that we are an active, participating member of the community in which our store is located.

Cheryl’s Cookies – Get up to 3 FREE Cookies for A’s.

Cold Stone Creamery – Not on a national level, but the stores are individual owned & operated so the best thing to do would be to ask your local store as some have offered them in the past.

Bank Rewards – A reader sent in the tip to check with your local banks and credit unions as many of them offer money rewards for good grades as well.

Applebee’s – Designed for grade school students, this reward card for teachers is available to motivate positive behavior (you set the criteria), and is yours for the asking!

Wendy’s – A report card with A’s and B’s earns a treat. Show the cashier your report card before ordering.

Kudzoo App – Middle school and college students can download the FREE Kudzoo app and build Kudzoo cash to use in your favorite places, from restaurants to concerts. Earn the grades, scan the report cards then spend your Kudzoo cash! There is also a daily challenge round and coupons to help college students boost their savings!

good report card freebies


Although I did contact each company to verify their participation again this year, I always suggest calling ahead to be sure that your area business is participating. The last thing you want is a disappointed child with a good report card right?

Also if you are a homeschooling family, check out this list of links to free printable report cards.

If you know of any more offers that should be added to the list feel free to email me krsawicki(at)yahoo(dot)com, or leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list for everyone to see!

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  1. What a great post, seriously great. I will be back to check out the links!!!
    .-= Jessa´s last blog ..Summer Breakfast =-.

  2. Molly Green says:

    Great post! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. What about the homeschool kids? Anyone know if they accept their “report cards”?

  4. Wow! This is great! Thanks so much for the heads up! :)
    .-= Raise Them Up´s last blog ..A Fun Game And Great Gift! =-.

  5. Oh, cool! Thank you for sharing! Im’ a homeschooler and was going to ask the same question.

  6. See- now we REALLY need to make a trip to Chuck E Cheese! =)

  7. thank you!!! =)

  8. Michelle Andrews says:

    Love this post! Thanks!

  9. Hi. I homeschool, too. I see the sites to print out report cards, but I was wondering on what kind of paper to do this on. It just seems like regular white paper wouldn’t look official. As a child, I remember gettting report cards on a sort of thick paper card, that opened up. What are you thoughts on this? Oh, and if you do think that it should be on a special paper/card, could you please let me know where to get it? Thanks : )

    • I haven’t had a problem just using regular white paper. However I did notice once that Office Depot carries diploma paper which is more “official” looking if you want that. I bet they have all kinds of different specialty paper to choose from.

    • I would imagine just printing it out on cardstock paper, like some use for scrapbooking. Report cards used to be a little thicker but not much. My child brought home a big folded sheet today that is flimsy so i am going to have to make a pocket on a page or something in order for it not to get torn up.

      Hope it helps.

    • Selena Lorts says:

      My kids are not homeschooled one is in 1st the other in 3rd. Their report cards are printed on regular paper. My daughter has been to 5 different schools since she started kindergarten and they have all been on regular paper. We are military therefore move alot. I remember growing up mine was always on thick paper but I guess schools had to change maybe due to budget issues.

    • Our school district does computer generated report cards that are just printed out on regular copy paper. I know what you mean about “official” looking report cards but in today’s technology age where they are also cutting budgets as much as possible I think less districts are probably going that direction.

  10. Yes, if you can produce a report card, they should accept it. Check with the store first! I have a cyber schooler and we were able to use his printed grade sheet.

    I modified your list for my area and am posting it on my blod with a link to yours, thank you!
    .-= Dee´s last blog ..Pizza Hut Book-It =-.

  11. I would ask about the Pizza Hut one since they won’t volunteer that info about the free personal pizza. We were in there to “celebrate” the end of school and my child doing so well on her report card for the first year (just completed kindergarten), even though the waiter knew all of this, he didn’t tell us about the free pizza. Sure would have been nice!

  12. Awesome! I am posting for my readers..Thanks..

  13. There is also free bread and snack cakes (we have done this every quarter for YEARS now)

  14. I know I’ve seen a sign on the front door of my local BLockbuster. I just went to their website and found the following info:

    What is the BLOCKBUSTER Good Grades program?
    Q: Why is Blockbuster offering the Good Grades Free Rental program?
    A: Blockbuster values the role that a good education plays in the development of successful youth and strong families. With this in mind, we wanted to offer a reward to students for good performance in school.

    Q: How does a student redeem the reward?
    A: Students with a B average or better can bring in their original report card, signed by a parent or legal guardian, to a participating BLOCKBUSTER® store and receive one free BLOCKBUSTER Favorites® movie rental. Membership is required for rental.

    Q: Can multiple students from the same household participate?
    A: Yes. EACH student with a B average report card is eligible for one free rental.

    Q: How often can a student participate?
    A: Students are eligible to participate each new grading period.

    Q: Will Blockbuster honor a Progress Report with a B average?
    A: Only official Report Cards will be honored.

  15. This is a great list! I knew about Chuck E Cheese, but not the rest. Thanks!

  16. Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

  17. I just found your site and am so thrilled that you have a homeschooling section. Thanks so much for all the work you do that we all benefit from!

  18. What about kids that don’t get letter grades from their school? My son is in 1st grade and even though he has almost all outstandings on his report card (and already has finished the requirements for moving on to second grade…he’s at the top of his class his teacher said), he doesn’t get letter grades at all. I’m not sure they start that in our district until at least next year (or the year after). Instead it breaks down skills they have to master before the year is up. Any idea if I could take this in and it will work?

    Also, my school uses regular paper for printing report cards as well…and even that they are short on thanks to budget cuts in Michigan.

    • I suggest calling ahead to ask what they will accept that way you don’t have any surprises when you get there thus avoiding an upset child.

  19. This is a great, great list! I know our blockbuster offers the rentals to kids with good grades but I didn’t know about many of the rest. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to reward my kiddos at the end of the quarter.

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  20. Linda Marimpietri via Facebook says:

    I’ll just be sticking to my own rewards. Ice cream, pizza, and doughnuts? No thanks.

  21. Great list! I didnt even know about any of these except Krispy Kreme!

  22. Thanks great compilation.

  23. I belong to a teachers credit union that actually awards students money in their acct. for A’s and B’s. It might be worth checking at your banks as well.

  24. Half price books gives a $2 coupon for every A and $1 for every B to use in their store. Thank you!

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