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*UPDATED: Now includes a smaller version of the printables to make your own Homemade Resurrection Eggs.

When my kids were younger, I always loved sharing the story of Christ using our own Resurrection Eggs.

You can buy the Complete Resurrection Eggs Kit for $19.99 or you can make your own using the directions below.

All you need is a package of 12 plastic easter Eggs, an empty egg carton, and the printable Resurrection Eggs Scripture Verses below.


Large version

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

Smaller version

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

You can choose to add small trinkets to the eggs too if you think that will help your little ones understand the story better.

  • a small blade of grass to represent a palm branch at Jesus’ triumphal entry.
  • 3 quarters to represent the 30 pieces of silver that Judas Iscariot received
  • a cracker to represent the Last Supper
  • a tiny piece of paper rolled into a scroll to represent Jesus’ prayer in the garden
  • a piece of rope or yarn to represent the soldier’s whipping Jesus
  • a thorn to represent the crown of thorns
  • 2 small nails to represent the nails and the cross
  • Mini dice to represent the soldier’s casting lots for Jesus’ clothes
  • a toothpick with one end broken off to represent the spear piercing Jesus’ side
  • a piece thin white fabric to represent Joseph wrapping Jesus in clean linen cloth
  • a rock to represent the stone rolled in front of the tomb
  • the final egg is empty to represent the empty tomb.

If you don’t want to gather the trinkets or want a less expensive version, you can just use the FREE Resurrection Eggs Printable trinkets instead.

Using a permanent marker, number each of the 12 plastic eggs 1-12 and fill each egg with the correct scripture and trinkets.

This is a great way to share the Resurrection Story with even your littlest ones.

I also think this is a great Printable Resurrection Egg idea too!

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  1. Brenda B says:

    Are you supposed to put the verse in the egg as well as the trinket? If so, do you shrink the printable down (because they are HUGE)?

  2. Hi Kristie!
    This is a great idea! I think page 6 is missing though?? I was hoping to print these out today, hope you get this!


  3. Hi! Where do I find the free printable trinkets? Thanks!

  4. My Junior church kids made these about 12 years ago. We used shrinky dink plastic (#6 plastic containers is same type plastic). This can be put through your printer (sa the surface to be printed first), the kids color and shrink it for the trinket inserts. We also used cocktail spears that I cut in length. Gauze and stones are easy to come by, as is the leather string to tie a small knot and turn into a whip. These are simply there best teaching tool!

  5. Mary Holt says:

    We are using Resurrection Eggs at church this year. But with a twist. We purchased the huge, stacking eggs (purchased at Hobby Lobby stack of 3 for $19.99 plus their discount) and put life size items in them. For instance used foam sword – cut down a little bit so it would fit – from Dollar Tree, plastic goblet from Dollar Tree, etc. Much easier for the smaller children to handle.

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