How to Get a Free Essential Oils Case

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A week or so ago I decided to send for a freebie which I shared in the Saving Dollars and Sense Facebook Group.

I received the freebie a few days ago and when it got here I knew right away how I was going to use it!!

Basically Poise is offering a free starter pack that includes some samples and this adorable zippered bag!  You can actually choose between two sample kits, and each one comes with a slightly different bag. So you can just choose the one that suites your personal style best.

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I chose the kit that included the pink and blue bag, and I wanted to show you how I am using mine to store my essential oils so that I always have my favorites on the go.

Now make sure that you request yours while supplies last.

If you aren’t in the SD&S Facebook Group, be sure to join here.

New to Essential Oils? Check out How I Save Money on Essential Oils and why I have never once looked back after making the decision to jump on the essential oils bandwagon.

Also, I wanted to make sure that you knew about a special essential oils sale that is happening right now :)

Now through June 30th only, save an additional 10% off!!

Plus I’ll send you a free welcome package that includes all kinds of reference materials, tools to get started, an Amazon Gift Card and access to our members only groups!

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Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack Review

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91IrCusILGL._SX522_One of the most important tools that a new mom needs if she plans to breast feed her baby is a good breast pump like the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack I want to share with you here today.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to nourish and bond with your baby. Having the right breast pump can make the entire experience much easier.

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack offers convenience and durability throughout the life of the pump.

Some breast bumps offers shields that are uncomfortable during use. This can make your days unpleasant and downright painful. With the Medela Pump in Style, you don’t have to worry. The PersonalFit breastshields are comfortable to use, offering a personalized fit when you need to pump.

The double pumping feature of the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack means that you can pump one breast at a time, or both breasts at once. No more taking twice as long to get the job done! A one-touch let down button ensures your milk is flowing quickly, further reducing the time it takes you to pump each day.

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack is easy to use no matter where you are – at work, at home, or in the car.

The pump can be plugged into a standard wall outlet for use, and it can also run off AA batteries when needed.

The daily use breast pump comes with everything you need, located in a convenient backpack tote so you have your essentials ready to take on the go.

The A/C adapter and battery pack are inside for your preferences, so you always have both options no matter where you are. An insulated cooler and ice pack keep your milk cold until you can feed your baby or get it in the freezer.

Four five-ounce bottles make it easy to store your milk after each expression. You can place these bottles inside the cooler or attach a nipple and feed your little one when out and about.

The breast shields and all tubing and valves are also included with the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack so you will be up and running each time you need to pump.

Along with all of the accessories for the breast pump, the backpack can also store small baby essentials, including a bib, 1-2 diapers and a pacifier.

When in use, the breast pump can be removed from the backpack or left in for convenient pumping. By keeping it in the backpack, you could get chores or other activities done around the house as you pump. Just imagine the convenience of cooking dinner or folding laundry while expressing milk!

81NWVRkR3LL._SY679_Don’t forget to grab some Medela Pump & Save breastmilk bags. 

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How to Grow a Verticle Garden

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36815830 - illustration of a kitchen garden lined up with fruits and vegetables

I’ve really enjoyed sharing all of the how to garden articles over the last few weeks, and I hope that you have found them helpful as well!

Many would-be gardeners never get started because they think they don’t have enough space for it. If you fall into this category, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn how much you can actually grow in a very small area.

All it takes is a little creative thinking.

Unfortunately, many gardeners focus only on the area under their feet. Given that most plants are grown in soil, this line of thinking makes sense. However, you can break free from this limited line of thinking once you decide to “look up.”

Did you realize that for every square foot of ground space in your garden, you actually have another 6 feet of valuable gardening space above it?

It’s true! If you take advantage of all that untapped vertical space, you can grow so much more than you ever thought possible.

20889213 - community gardening in urban community.

Save Space with Vertical Gardening

Plants trained to grow up take up a lot less ground space than those that are left to their own devices.

In fact, a single climbing vine only needs a couple square inches of dirt to thrive. If that same vine is not offered vertical support, however, it would quickly cover several feet of your valuable – and limited – growing area.

There are many ways you can provide vertical support for your plants. Some of the most common examples include trellises, tepees, arbors, hanging baskets, stacked containers, and fences.

You can also take advantage of unused wall space along your house or garden shed by adding wood shelves, hanging planting pockets or repurposing old gutters into plant containers.

Often you can train your plants up existing structures on your property without needing to build or buy anything new. Split rail and chain link fencing are particularly effective for this purpose.

For an inexpensive option that offers a lot of rustic charm, you can wire 3 long wooden poles or tree limbs together to form a tripod “tepee” that is ideal for growing pole beans or other vining vegetables.

That’s how you make a Sweetpea Teepee kids will love too!

how-to-make-a-sweetpea-teepee1 (1)

If you want to add an artistic focal point to your garden, there is a huge selection of ready-made decorative vertical support structures available.

For example, you can find decorative wrought iron trellises embellished with glass crystals or beautiful cedar hanging wall units you can add to an unused stretch of sunny wall space.

20889505 - community gardening in urban community.

Ideal Plants for Vertical Gardening

There are a lot of fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs you can grow in your newfound vertical gardening space.

In addition to pole beans, you can also grow other vining vegetables such as cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, squash and gourds.

Smaller, more compact plants like herbs and edible flowers do well in smaller spaces like hanging baskets or wall-mounted units.

By “suckering” or removing side stems from tomato plants, you can train them to grow in a more upright fashion. In addition to saving space, this process can also help your tomato plants stay healthy and become more productive.

20889145 - community gardening in urban community.

Grow Healthier Plants with Vertical Gardening

In fact, many gardeners find that vertical gardening leads to healthier plants in general.

There are a number of reasons for this. For starters, plants grown vertically have a lot less direct contact with soil, which translates to fewer problems caused by soil-dwelling pests and diseases.

If garden pests do attack your plants, the problem will be easier to see and treat if the plant is elevated off the ground.

In addition, vertically grown plants have better exposure to light and air than those allowed to grow freely along the ground. This, in turn, leads to better ventilation and food absorption. The end result is a healthier plant that is more resistant to disease and better able to produce at peak capacity.

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Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Coupon

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TODAY ONLY, you can pick up a box of boneless skinless chicken breast for just $1.49 lb!

I usually pay around $1.69 – $1.89 lb, so to get it for this price is a great time to restock the freezer again.

Want super fresh, super tasty chicken breasts at a super price? Well then, this is your lucky day. You can save over 50% off supermarket prices today only when you buy Zaycon’s Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts. Just use promo code CHICKSALE in checkout*, and stock up on your favorite main ingredient with today’s super fresh savings deal. Hurry.

You can read all about why I buy all of my chicken from Zaycon Fresh here.

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8 Ways to Save on Summer Fashion

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summer fashion savings
As a favorite season of fashion fiends, summer is the perfect time to don dresses, jumpers, sandals and floppy hats for the ultimate in comfort and style.

Some of these looks come at a price, however, and busting your summer budget on clothing alone is a real bummer!

Summer sales are coming up and that means a great opportunity to save on your favorite looks to finish up the season in style.

Follow this guide to save more on your summer wardrobe without burning up your budget.

Shop discount retailers.

Stores like Ross, TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack make it easy to find fashions ranging from trendy to timeless for a fraction of department stores. Don’t let the “compare at” prices fool you, however; often times, these garments rarely sell for the original price and are sometimes manufactured specifically to be sold at a discount. Still, these prices are tough to beat and can enable you to pay just a few dollars for passing trends and save 50% or more on classic pieces from top designers.

Clip those coupons.

Sales and discounts abound within the apparel industry, so make sure you’re taking advantage of these savings by having coupons at your fingerprints. The popular coupon app Coupon Sherpa features savings from thousands of stores ranging from national department stores to local clothing retailers. For example, a Target coupon will save you $5 off your $50 purchase, while a JCPenney coupon can fetch you 15% off your purchase.

Hold off for holiday sales.

The biggest discounts are offered during holiday weekends and at end-of-season sales. Luckily for summer fashion shoppers, Fourth of July weekend is coming up and many retailers will discount summer fashions (including swimwear and accessories) between 50% to up to 80% off! Scout out garments in-store and online and make note of the styles and sizes you want. Then head to the shops early starting Friday, July 1 or sign up for retail emails to get notified when holiday sales begin!

Consider consignment.

Consignment stores are a great way to pick up fresh summer finds for less. Plus, you’re no longer limited to your local thrift shops with sites like and offering 70% to 90% off gently-used clothing. Also remember to gather garments you no longer love and sell them to consignment stores for credit.

Chat up customer service.

Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, chatting with customer service about upcoming sales and available offers can lead to a discount. For example, I once asked about available discounts while checking out at Kenneth Cole, and was rewarded with a one-time 20% discount on my purchase! I’ve also opened up live chats with online customer service reps and requested free shipping and other offers, which I’ve received. Ultimately, it never hurts to ask, and when you become chummy with salespeople, you’re often rewarded with exclusive deals!

Use gift cards as currency.

Shopping with gift cards is the best way to pick up fashionable finds for less. Since we only receive these gifts during birthdays and holidays, picking up gift cards at less than face value is the next best thing. Sites like aggregate discount gift cards from pretty much any clothing retailer you can think of: Macy’s, LOFT, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Francesca’s…the list goes on! Savings range from 5% to over 25%, and when used together with coupons and sale prices, can yield deep discounts from your favorite stores.

Pick up a part-time gig.

Save money and make money by getting a part-time job at your favorite retailer. If your schedule allows, this income can help pad your budget while also giving you access to great employee discounts ranging from 20% to up to 70% off in some cases. Retailers start hiring staff ahead of the busy back-to-school and holiday seasons, so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities.

Score online savings.

It’s becoming easier and easier to save money on clothing by shopping online. Fast-fashion retailers like H&M, Zara and ASOS offer huge deals on the latest trends, with some closet staples available for less than $10 in some cases. What’s more, seemingly ever-present sales and promo codes offer additional savings from your favorite online shops. For example, you can currently save up to 60% off summer clearance with an American Eagle coupon, or snag free shipping on orders over $40 from H&M.


Guest post by Andrea Woroch, a money-saving expert who transforms everyday consumers into savvy shoppers by sharing smart spending tips and personal finance advice. As a sought-after media source, she has been featured among such top news outlets as Good Morning America, Today, CNN, Dr. OZ, New York Times, MONEY Magazine, Consumer Reports, Forbes and many more. In addition, Andrea’s stories have been published among leading publications and sites such as Yahoo!, AOL Daily Finance, CNN Money, Huffington Post, LearnVest and New York Daily News. Check out Andrea’s demo reel or visit her website at for more information about booking an interview or requesting an original written article.

Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor Review

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I am happy to bring you another great baby product review.

This time it is for a product that I admit I have often wondered just how necessary they are. After all, I didn’t use one when my kids were babies. But after learning more about this product, I am convinced that it is a pretty awesome addition to your home long after baby grows up!

Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor with 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery and Talk to Baby Intercom

When baby is asleep in her crib, it’s a mother’s instinct to want to check on her every few minutes.

With a quality baby monitor, however, you can view your little one at any time without worry.

The Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor makes it easy to keep up with your infant without possibly disturbing her as she snoozes.

Perhaps the best feature of this baby monitor is the video camera. Many parents want to be able to SEE their infant, not just hear them through an audio receiver. The Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor features crisp, clear image so you can see your little one as easily as you could if you were standing in the nursery.

The automatic night vision feature makes it easy to check on your infant even in the middle of the night.

The rechargeable battery for the Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor lasts up to eight hours. That can get you through most naps or possibly an entire night of sleep before needing a charge. The PEEP feature of this monitor can extend the battery life an extra two hours by turning off the video function when there is no sounds in the nursery.

The signal that transmits video to the monitor is completely private, so no one near by can pick it up and view your baby.

The Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor works up to 500 feet away, so you can be outside gardening or taking out the trash while still keeping an eye on your little one.

When your little one is having a tough time sleeping, the talk to baby intercom feature allows you to soothe her without entering her room. You can also alert her that you are coming to her room, hopefully calming her before you get there. When your child is older, this feature comes in handy to call her to the dinner table.


Along with the intercom, the Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor comes pre-installed with five sweet lullabies to help your baby sleep. You have the ability to start and stop or change the song with the video receiver so you don’t have to go to your baby’s nursery to control the music.

Because we don’t want our babies to be too hot or cold while they sleep, this video baby monitor makes it easy to monitor the temperature of their nursery. The receiver’s screen shows the temperature at all times, and can be set to display in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

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