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Welcome to all visiting from 5 Minutes For Mom’s 2014 Ultimate Blog Party, I am so excited to have you here!

I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Party again this year! I have had so much fun the last several years at the Ultimate Blog Party that I could not wait to do it again!  Not sure what the Ultimate Blog Party is?  You can find out all about it here.

My name is Kristie, and I have been blogging here at Saving Dollars and Sense for about six years now. I am SO glad that you have stopped by, and I hope you’ll find something you love while you are visiting.

I recently celebrated my 37th birthday and shared some things about myself that you might be surprised to read.

I started Saving Dollars and Sense as way to keep track of my finances and learn better ways to use our money after we went from Facing Foreclosure to Having Financial Freedom.  But it has become so much more since then, and it continues to be a fun place to connect with other like minded savers.

This has become a wonderful place for me to learn, grow and share.  I love having the opportunity to connect with others, and that is what this little blog has given me.

You will find all kind of neat stuff when you stop by Saving Dollars and Sense such as delicious recipes, simple money saving tips and encouragement to keep learning and growing in My Story of Grace Posts, lots of great FREEBIES, fun giveaways, and plenty more!

I recently shared a secret that I have shared with very few people.

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A little more about me:

I am in my eleventh year of homeschooling and can hardly believe that I am currently homeschooling my 16 year old son who is in the eleventh grade now!  We graduated our daughter three years ago now, and she is working as a kids swim instructor and going to college full time.

Please allow me introduce you to my family!

My best friend in the whole world is my husband, his name is Rich.  We have been married for 17 years and each year gets better and better for us.  He loves anything to do with the Great Outdoors and drools over every Gander Mountain ad that comes into the house.  He LOVES fishing and hunting.  He is a builder by nature and surprises me all the time with his skills!  He knows just the right things to say to me.  And has perfected knowing when to comfort me and when to tell me to stop whining which is a brave thing.  And he knows that a Tim Horton’s coffee will brighten the worst of days for me.

My daughter Kalene is the most beautiful girl I know, inside and out.  Although she is more of a woman than a girl these days.  She makes me proud each and every day.  She has such a genuine love for all people which is refreshing and rarely seen in people her age.   She is a talented piano and guitar player, singer, and photographer. She is currently working to become a Registered Nurse.  I am so blessed that she is in my life and I thank God for her all the time!

My son Richie is the thinker of the family.  The gears in his brain have been running since day one and do not appear to be slowing down any time soon.  He has lots of plans to make this world a better place one gadget at a time.  He has the great ability to make me belly laugh with his unique sense of sarcasm.  His sense of humor is pure genius and unmatched by most!  He is the king of April Fools Day and LOVES basketball.  I am proud to be his mom and I look forward to the man he is becoming.  He loves playing Minecraft, Call of Duty, basketball, and thinking up the next big invention.

I can hardly believe how quickly my babies have grown, it seems like just yesterday I was looking into these sweet little faces!

If you ask me they are still the same sweet little faces, just don’t tell them I said so!

Yep, that’s my family!

Thanks again for taking the time to get to know me, my family, and my little place on the web!

About Kristie Sawicki

Kristie Sawicki is the author of Saving Dollars and Sense, where she blogs about Money Saving Ideas and Frugal Living Tips, as well the Best Coupons, Deals and Freebies around. You can connect with Kristie Sawicki on Google+ and on the Saving Dollars and Sense Facebook page.


  1. Hi! It seems to be a lot of useful and interesting things to read in this blog. I always look for tips on how to save some money. Living alone with my two daughters do have benefits, but it also are some hard times to handle my budget…
    Great to see your blog!

  2. Hi Kirstie! Found you from the UBP and I am always looking to save money! My kids are older now too. Isn’t it amazing how fast they grow? Following on several chalnnels. Happy Weekend!

  3. Morning, Kristie! I’m blog hopping. I’ve just recently started blogging about living frugally and am looking forward to connecting to more within this community. You have an incredibly organized site!

  4. Hello new friend!! I’m having so much fun meeting new bloggers at the Ultimate blog party!!
    I have 3 boys, so I’m sure I will find a lot of good tips here. Anytime I can save money is alright with me.
    Can’t wait to share more in the future..
    Party on!! Tiffany

  5. Hello! Stopping by from #UBP14. Looking forward t o exploring your blog. I’ll definitely be pinning the sand pudding recipe.

  6. Nice to “meet” you! I am a homeschooler & frugal gal as well! And you are right, the kiddos grow way too fast!!

  7. What a beautiful family and there all growing up. Well i am going to like coming back and browsing your site. My Husband in the last 4 years has taken a shopaholic into a smart and genuine thrift saver to practically not buying anything. Save save save to buy our house and stay out of dept. Well things are going great so far. But, I found a very economical house and well it needs work and saving new ways on home supplies is going to be a task. Be checking your coupons out for the home depot and grocery bill. Thanks for sharing your saving ideas from time to time some one really needs them. going to soon really going to need to save some dollars and sense

  8. Hi Kristie- Just stopping by from #UBP14. Nice page… beautiful family. I am also a mom and have my own business. Check out my Blog (http://spaglo.blogspot.com/2014/04/join-me-for-this-years-ultimate-blog.html) and Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/spaglo) and website (http://www.spaglo.com) if you get a chance.

  9. Hi Kristie! My name is Nan and I am stopping by from the UBP14. I am participating in it too! I am a “retired” homeschooler. I homeschooled for 16 years until both graduated.

    We are frugal people as well. In fact, I originally started my blog with the intent on making it a frugal blog but it quickly morphed into something else and now it’s more of a wife/mom blog, lol!

    But I still love the frugal life and we tried to raise our kids to be mindful and careful with money. In fact, our oldest son recently got married and he and his wife are saving for their first house. Our youngest is still working his way through college. Well, I will end this before I write a book! 😉

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