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Do you have any tried and true super easy camp recipes?

My husband and I are camping this weekend and I’m looking for easy camp style recipes.  The last time we camped I remember I spent most of the time cooking and cleaning up the mess after cooking.  I am hoping to spend more time enjoying nature and less time cooking and cleaning this time.

Now on to this weeks menu plan.

Breakfast and lunch is pretty much the same around my house which is why that part of the menu never changes.

Breakfasts – consists of oatmeal, cold cereal, fruit smoothies, toast & poached eggs.

Lunches – consists of soups, peanut butter or tuna sandwiches, and dinner leftovers.

Dinners – I will try to include lots of veggies this week.

~ Monday ~

Chicken Stir Fry

~ Tuesday ~

Baked Walleye, Potato, and veggie

~ Wednesday ~

Left Overs

~ Thursday ~

Spaghetti and Salad

~ Friday ~

Turkey Burgers and Salad

~ Saturday ~


~ Sunday ~


Usually we have a very late lunch and just find something small for dinner. Either way I don’t plan because I like to be flexible for anything that pops up.

I haven’t totally decided on our camping menu just yet.  It will be just me and my husband so I’m thinking a pasta salad, burgers, steak, grilled veggies, s’mores, and that’s where I’m at so far.

I’d love to hear your camping recipes!

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  1. When we camp, we usually backpack so light and easy is the name of the game for us. A few packages of dried and stuffed tortellini topped with EVOO and spices usually makes up the main course.

  2. When we go on vacation during the summer one of our traditions is to have “hobos” Take some hamburger and make them into patties, then you put potatoes (if you want to make it easier maybe you could try tator tots, or frozen bagged potatoes), baby carrots, and cut up onion on to aluminum foil. We usually then just eat the meal right from the aluminum foil!

  3. When we camp we eat dishes similar to what you’ve listed. One thing you didn’t mention is hot dogs over the campfire. They just taste different when they are eaten off the end of a stick :-)
    I also make donuts. I use refrigerated biscuits, separate them, poke a hole in each and cook in about 1inch of hot oil in a frying pan (I use cast iron and do it on the Coleman stove). When the donuts are cooked, let cool slightly (so no burnt fingers), then shake in a baggie of icing sugar to coat. These are super yummy, best when eaten still warm.

  4. I posted today about food for a 72 hour emergency kit, none of which requires cooking or refrigeration. All of that would work for camping! Anything you can reheat and eat would be useful.

    One of our favorite super easy, cheap, one dish meals is a quick combo. Boil up a pot of pasta and drain, then throw in a drained can of tuna, an undrained can of 3-bean salad, and a few capers. So delicious! With a green salad, it’s a complete meal and couldn’t be easier.

    Enjoy your trip!

  5. We LOVE to grill corn on the cob! It is so tasty and very easy. First you peel down the husks- don’t rip them off, remove the silks, then pull back up the husks. Soak the corn in water for 10 minutes. Grill over the campfire for 15-20 minutes. Yummy!

  6. Looks like a great week. I think the trick to camping is foil. Anything you can put in foil or straight on the grill is great because you avoid washing dishes!

  7. Ditto on the foil suggestions… I like to cut up a bunch of veggies, chicken or hamburger, then toss in a tablespoon or two of italian dressing to keep it moist. If you put each serving in a ziploc bag inside your cooler, then you can just dump each baggie onto the foil, wrap it up, and cook it in the coals!! Then for dessert, try baked bananas. Slit a banana lengthwise and add brown sugar, dark chocolate chips, toffee chips, walnuts, whatever you like. Wrap in foil and cook it in the coals, as well!
    Your only dishes are the silverware! Have fun!!!

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