24 Unique Valentine’s Day Cards $2.49 Shipped!

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THE cutest idea I have ever seen for Valentine’s Day Cards!

You can make 24 photo cards for $2.49 shipped. At just $.10 per card, this is less than some of the packages of cards I’ve seen in the stores that every single other child will be passing out too.

Just take a picture with your child’s first outstretched, create your cards and cut a slit to add a sucker to them.

Here’s how to get 24 photo cards for only $2.49 shipped:

  • Sign up for a new SeeHere account.
  • Create a 4×8 single-sided, flat photo card and save it.
  • Add 24 to your cart and go to checkout (if you order 25, the price goes up to $4.99).
  • Use coupon code 25cards and you’ll get the cards free and only pay $2.49 shipping!

I think I may enroll my so in school for a few days just so I can try this out. Oh, wait he’s in eighth grade and I don’t think they are still passing out Valentines are they?

Thanks to Frugal Chic Living and Alissa from 24-7-365 for the idea and the photos of their super cute kids!

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  1. Really cute idea!!!

    (I just might do that!!!)

  2. Christina Moore via Facebook says:

    Love this idea!

  3. alissa delucio says:

    don’t need public schol…pass out in sunday school classroom :)

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