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There are several reputable online survey sites that have recently opened their registration.

These companies are the ones that are the hardest to get into.  Because tehy are the best sites to work with there are always people applying.  When they reach the number of members they like to have, the registrations will close again so if you are interested you can apply for each of them below.

Hopefully some SD&S readers will get in!

Pinecone Research– Pays $3 for every survey completed.  This is mailed to your house within the week.  Each survey will come as a separate $3 check.  This is my personal favorite company, and I earned enough to treat my family to a pizza dinner many times!

My Surveys – Sign up and take surveys. It’s free to sign up, but I want to give you a heads up that you’ll need to look for an email from them after signing up to verify that you really do want to join this survey company.

Neilsen Home Scan– Earn gift cards for scanning the groceries you purchase.  I haven’t dne this one personally, but I do know many who have and it seems like either you love it or hate it. Mostly it takes a bit of time to do each time you shop and some don’t have any extra time to spend on this.

Please keep in mind that you will not get rich doing any of these, but I loved being able to bless my family with something extra that we may not have had otherwise.


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  1. Suzi Miller Makowski via Facebook says:

    I love both Pinecone and MySurvey!

  2. Beth McDonald Quarterman via Facebook says:

    no but I should, thank you

  3. I am using Opinion Outpost right now and love it! You get 5-20 points per survey (longer surveys get more points). I get paid through my PayPal account (you can cash out at 100 points = $10). So far I have earned over $30 in a month.

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